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JBL LINK SERIES NOW AVAILABLE IN THE PHILIPPINES JBL LINK series, the first voice-activated speakers to bring together JBL’s Signature Sound with the Google Assistant. The JBL LINK Series have four models, the LINK 10, LINK 20, and LINK 300 give consumers rich, full-range sound and instant access to their favorite music through voice control. JBL LINK is a hands-free voice-activated speaker series with the Google Assistant built in. LINK speakers deliver exceptional sound with the intelligence of Google Assistant  With JBL Link, you can now use your voice to command your audio, ask and tell it to do things, manage your schedule and control your smart home. The JBL LINK 10 and LINK 20 are both portable and IPX7 waterproof that you can use outdoor. LINK 300 and 500 provide a more powerful sound and are more suitable as home speakers. Experience a more engaging and amplified multi-room listening experience by synching together multiple LINK speakers.   “Hey, Google” Just say “Ok, Google” and your demand, JBL LINK will play your favorite song using spotify, search weather updates online, and even checking traffic before leaving the house.   Hands-free help from the Google Assistant Ask questions, play songs, get answers and enjoy your entertainment and control your smart home with just your voice. Far-field voice recognition allows for easy hands-free operation. Ask questions across the room and the JBL Link will respond   Turn off your lights using JBL LINK Use your voice to control the lights and temperature from your home automation devices.   Multi-room Audio Experience Link multiple speakers with Chromecast built-in to share the same song in every room and enjoy a high-definition music across all your speakers – within reach of any home Wi-Fi network.   Party outside with LINK10 and LINK20 Take your LINK portable speakers to the backyard and extend the fun to the poolside with rugged and IPX7 waterproof design.   JBL LINK SERIES LINK 10 – PHP 9,999 LINK 20 – PHP 12,999 LINK 300 – PHP 14,999 LINK 500 – PHP 23,999   Available at selected A.Refinery branches: A. Refinery UP Town Center A. Refinery Ayala Center Cebu   For more info, visit our website and follow our social media accounts Facebook andInstagram ...

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You’ll want to make sure as many seating positions as possible are viewing the TV straight on. Consider reflections: most windows will have curtains or blinds you can close and, of course, lights can be switched off For ambient lighting that won’t cause a distraction, consider placing lamps or lighting behind your TV. This is sometimes known as ‘bias lighting’. The screen should be at eye level when you’re seated, so invest in a decent TV stand that can accommodate any other kit you have, such as a cable box, Blu-ray player or soundbar. Avoid the trend of placing it above a fireplace if you can, or it’ll be like sitting in the first row of the cinema. If you must place it higher than eye level, make sure you angle it downwards to make viewing more comfortable. ...

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You don’t need to be an audiophile to have heard about Dolby Atmos. I’m sure you already heard it or read about it somewhere, from the movie theaters or on the internet. So, what is Atmos by Dolby? “Dolby Atmos adds overhead sound to the mix. Atmos is an innovative sound format that uses Dolby‐enabled upward‐firing speakers or in‐ceiling speakers to project sound from above your seats. Audio video receivers with Dolby Atmos capabilities can create an immersive listening experience by placing sounds in more precise locations in the room than previous setups.” And according to Dolby, Dolby Atmos is, “the most significant development in cinema audio since surround‐sound.” Dolby Atmos technology was originally developed in 2012. It goes beyond the 5.1 and 7.1 surround‐sound technology with Atmos‐enabled speakers placed in precise locations around the room for that immersive sound and listening experience. Atmos speakers can be placed on the walls, in the ceiling or behind the screen. You can use up to 64 speakers to set up your Dolby Atmos Cinema. ...

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